Movie: Blazing Saddles

I saw Blazing Saddles in Copenhagen around 1975. In the heart of the old city, a bar had managed to get a license to show movies, in a club setting, with wine, beer and cigar smoking. For the first three years, they showed Blazing Saddles every night, followed by a variety of new films as the second feature.
I think I had seen it once since then, so when I saw it was newly available on NetFlix, and I found out that Colleen had never seen it, it was time to put it on. It was even better than I remembered it.
Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder bounce off each other in myriad creative ways. When the racist redneck slave driving railway bosses want the negroes to sing while they work, and they eventually do “I get a kick out of you”, the rednecks explain that they want to hear something more appropriate like “Camptown Ladies”, and they end up singing that, showing their inferior culture. It plays with our stereotypes like that all the way through, until the movie breaks out of it box and escapes into Warner Brothers Studio lot in the present time.

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