Movie: Christmas in the Smokies (2018)

Netflix’ appetite for topical light fare has let to a decline in quality in their original movies. This one is … poorly written, directed and acted. Huge holes in the plot, even though it is predictable.


This reminded me a lot about a staple in the old country (Denmark): The Morten Korch movie. Morten Korch wrote a huge pile of romance stories set in the Danish farmland. The evil banker is foreclosing on the large farm which has fallen on hard times, but the beautiful daughter woos a rich man who saves the family at the last possible moment. Nordisk Film produced one of these in movie form every year or so, and they were highly profitable. Never saw this in an American setting before, but it was following the template very closely.

The biggest plot hole was this: When your big miracle event is a benefit concert in a town with less than 1000 people, it should not be a big surprise that you can’t raise $60,000+ with a $15 ticket price.

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